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Partecipanti Corso Massaggio Tantrico
Impressions on the Tantra Massage Course

Excellent course, I had no expectations. Because I knew of your skills and the confidence to be in good hands. With your approach people gain confidence”

Exciting! Interesting, comprehensive and very clear lessons. An experience to recommend even if not everyone can understand”

“Especially interesting is the part dedicated to spirituality. The course was very well organized, a lot of attention for everything and everyone. Very welcoming structure”

Excellent group management, very well organized, up to my expectations. I would certainly recommend it. Very interesting lessons and very welcoming structure”

“All very well, it exceeded my expectations. The energy of the room is beautiful!. I feel like everything is beautiful. A huge THANK YOU dear Atma!

“Very satisfied with the course and the theoretical lessons. Very well organized. The course lived up to my expectations and I would certainly suggest doing this experience.”

Francesco D.

For some years now, with my wife, we had been experiencing a “tired” moment and we thought that Tantra could have given new life to our relationship.
Finding what could help us was not easy: after some unsuccessful attempts to approach the ancient discipline we came across the tantric massage course that Atmajyoti proposed in Genoa.

It started on February 7, the very day I turned 62, an important milestone that allowed me to retire after a couple of months.
A nice sign that maybe it was the right time!
For previous engagements we were unable to complete the path, but the part we could follow was already an excellent stimulus. But, there was one though: working crouched on the ground was too much for our “old bones”. We came out of that day and a half of the course quite tried in the body, but with a new hope in the heart.
After a few last hesitations we dared to propose to Atma: can you do a personalized tantric course, at home and on our massage table? I still don’t know how to thank you for your availability and the speed with which you implemented our project.

A very busy week followed in which we put ourselves totally at stake, with hard days of preparation and others of actual course, with meditations, theory, intense rituals but above all a lot, a lot of practice.

For me, it was like coming home, finding the essence of that relationship made of alliance, tenderness and mutual respect, which I thought I had lost on the street in our 35 years of life together.

It was a meeting, intense and moving, but also a breathing of fresh air, smelling new possibilities of being, inside and together, ever more free, ever more authentic.

Thanks Atma! Francesco

Mariangela T.

For several years we have wanted to experiment with tantric massage together, but everyday life with the inevitable alternation of moments of harmony and discord, and above all work commitments, have always kept us from doing it.
Now that we are finally retired, we have gathered our courage and the desire to embark on new experiences, to really afford it.
So we gave ourselves a personalized course, relying on the competence and sensitivity of Atma, which we had already appreciated in a day of introduction to the massage.
The new formula at home, with adaptations to the needs of our joints, has fully succeeded by going through gradual and repeated meditations, explanations and practical tests.

It is an experience lived with fluidity and intensity, which has allowed us to experience the techniques of a delicate and loving touch, which with the commitment of us attentive disciples and the safe guidance of the teacher, allows you to reactivate energy, revitalize the whole body and strengthen the relationship.

I would certainly recommend it to all couples, those who are at the beginning (to get to know each other better and harmonize) and those who have been together for the longest time (to dissolve habits and limiting mechanisms).
And I warmly recommend it to couples who are ahead of the years, to help each other rejuvenate internally, physically and in the psyche.

The possibility of continuing to make regular exchanges of the massages learned daily is a valuable tool that allows constant mutual listening, the rebalancing of the body’s functions, the improvement of the psychophysical health of each and the vital quality of the couple’s relationship.

Thanks Atma! Mariangela
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Tiziana B.

In addition to keeping my back in shape with her prodigious massages, she always has good advice for my well-being. And in the last “suspended” few weeks her yoga classes have been a safe haven.

happy woman
Maili R.

Professional! Her tantric massage course was beautiful, transforming, pure, authentic as our teachers from Somananda Tantra and Yoga School taught us!🙏🏻

Monia M.

I’ve been a new person since I met you. I’m growing up…My prana has strengthened not increased but it has intensified thanks to you because you taught me it😘 It was a wonderful experience and I truly believe it. Very good

Donna Riccia
Marcia M.

🤩 🥳 Atmayoti the words are few to express what I felt. Great super course, made with love. Your generosity and humility has been a growing and magnificent experience🥰 Atmayoti I am grateful to you, in my evolution I climbed an extra step …. Great experience I am treasuring it. Thanks a lot 🥰 Until the next course, I can’t wait … See you soon

Andrea D.

In addition to her professional competence, Atmajyoti makes you feel completely comfortable from the first session. Thoughtful and attentive to details, such as the environment, warm, comfortable and welcoming, that allow the person to relax and ready to receive the massage. I found the passage on the legs and back very pleasant. In general I felt a deep relaxation and pleasure.

Daniele E.

👍👍👍Very good and competent

Barbara R.

Thank you Atma for these appointments in which you introduce us to every aspect of traditional yoga. It is a great opportunity to be able to learn your decades of knowledge and experience as a yoga teacher. Your lessons are very clear and didactically flawless 😄🙏. See you later!

Maia A.

Dear Atma, in the period of uncertainties we are going through, the only certainty we have is our center.
And when I forgot that my strength and the strength of the whole world is in the self-connection, you arrived, punctually, with your immense spontaneity and with your wealth of precious knowledge, to remind me to take care of my soul with tenderness. Thanks

Morris F.

Atma is not a yoga teacher, she is simply the teacher par excellence. Attentive and prepared like few others, she offers her many years of knowledge of yoga in a unique and unforgettable journey that also embraces Tantra and Ayurveda.