Ayurveda, Tantra Massage, Holistic Consulting, Energetic Treatments,

Hot Stone, Chakra Balancing and traditional integral Yoga.



Atmajyoti manages to combine her natural gifts of pranotherapist with her in-depth holistic knowledge. She followed a path of self-knowledge and personal development that began more than 20 years ago, improving her capabilities and skills.
Sensitive and empathetic, she is able to understand the needs of the individual and to customize the treatment in order to assist in the physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual self-healing process.
She receives by appointment for advice on lifestyle and holistic consultations (now also online), on the tantric path, individual and couple treatments and couple consultations.


She teaches Ayurvedic-Holistic massage courses and Tantric massage courses (the Art of Touch and Tantra Massage Retreat).
Furthermore she is: a Satyananda Yoga Teacher specialized in Nada Yoga – Mantra and Kirtan, Yoga in the Office (Desk Yoga/Chair Yoga), Yoga & Environment, purification techniques (Shatkarma)

Meet Atmajyoti