Anna Atmajyoti La Malfa


Ciao! I introduce myself, I am Atmajyoti Saraswati (for friends Atma!)

From an early age I was considered a sensitive and empathetic child. My mother raised me on bread and prana!

Having this gift her and my grandparents, I had, by genetic right, the ability to take care of people and perceive their energy...
And again thanks to this, I have never stopped using this talent to continue improving myself and following a spiritual path of self-knowledge.

My practical talent, on the other hand, gave me the material tools so that I had the means to follow this path, to study and attend yoga, massage, meditation, tantra and much more courses.
Therefore, I also thank my parenthesis as a software developer, which in addition to the economic means allowed me to first have a university experience and then work in a company, which taught me how to set up a project, pursue it and bring it to an end! In addition to making my own website!


Natural skills as a pranotherapist combined with in-depth holistic knowledge.
Always on a path of self-knowledge and personal development that began more than 20 years ago, improving my skills and abilities every time.

Sensitive and empathetic, I can perceive the needs of the individual and personalize the treatment.
They are also able to accompany the person on a path of self-healing and regeneration (physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual).

I receive by appointment for holistic consultations (also online) and on lifestyle, on the tantric path, individual and couple treatments and for couples.

I am also a teacher of Tantric Massage (Somananda Tantra School) and Ayurvedic Holistic Massage.



Ayurveda, Tantric Massage, Holistic Consultations, Energy Treatments, Hot Stones, Chakra Balancing and traditional integral Yoga

Aside from perpetual training with my mother, who taught me most of what I know, and what life teaches me every day, I am:
Graduated Yoga Teacher (2008), Ayurvedic Operator (2009), Holistic Operator (2017), Tantra Massage Therapist Level 1 & 2 (2016-2017) and Tantra Massage Teacher (2019). Recently graduated on Tantra Remote Energy Healing (September 2022)


In 2001 I met yoga which helped me through a difficult period in my life. From that moment I felt a strong push in the direction of change, of spirituality. At the end of 2004 I made my first trip to India, to Rikhia (Bihar) and I was initiated into sannyasin as Atmajyoti (means “Light of the Soul”). As soon as I returned to Italy, I enrolled in the Yoga Satyananda teacher course. In 2008 I graduated as a certified Yoga Satyananda teacher

Major specialties: Yoga Nidra, Nada Yoga – Mantra e Kirtan, Yoga @Work, Yoga and Environment, Detox techniques (Shatkarma)


Animaolistica is a project that is taking shape!
It was born at the end of 2018, from the need to create a container of Exploration tools for psycho-physical, emotional, energetic Well-Being.

A project with a soul that takes 360° and therefore Holistic, with tools that can really go deep to restore balance, harmony, trust, well-being to the person, to the couple, to those who are on a path where it is necessary to confront, put at stake, eradicate bad habits and find your own pace and lifestyle.

✋The commitment is to support people who want to take a path of personal growth or who are having difficulty coping with everyday life, living in this almost “dystopian” social condition, to evolve and return to harmony, as would be one’s own nature (prakriti).🤲

In this context, therefore, Animaolistica proposes:

❤️Courses, 🧡Holistic day workshops, 💛Lessons, 💚Consultations and 💙Holistic, Ayurvedic, Tantric Treatments and yoga. 💜

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