Tantric Massage

Is your married life flattened?

Do you need to regain sensual and sexual harmony?

Are you tired and without energy?

Do you want to discover the beauty of your body?


The Tantric Ayurvedic Massage is indicated for those who want to discover and develop the energetic-sexual potential in order to use it to have high levels of deep pleasure and body-mind harmony. Effective to find harmony and connection in the couple on all levels, both with individual courses, tantric massage courses, yoga.

It also allows you to have more self-confidence and be in contact with your self.

Also recommended for those who want to improve and make their couple’s life more satisfying.


Suitable for both men and women!

Tantra can be seen as a path of growth and awakening of one’s physical-psycho-spiritual potential and  the massage can be a valid support in this direction.

Tantric massage as a path of deep self-knowledge is based on the stimulation of the Marma points and works on the awakening of the sensory and sensual perceptions of the whole body.


You can achieve

Through the Tantric Massage we go to:

  • free and harmonize latent energies,
  • dynamizing the Chakras (psycho-energetic centers)
  • giving relaxation and deep calm
  • awakening intense pleasure at the level of the whole body and uplifting states for the soul
  • release energy blocks
  • get to have body orgasms *
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The Tantric Massage lasts at least 2 actual hours, with feedback at the end.

It is necessary to conduct a preparatory interview / consultation, during which the personalized path will also be assessed with other treatments

In addition, to fully benefit from the treatment, a preparation in the previous days will be recommended

* No results can be guaranteed. It depends on the sensitivity of the person and on the possible energy blockages and toxins present in the body.

The massage is performed according to the teachings of Somananda, Tantric Master.