Nada Yoga, Mantra & Kirtan - Hamburg

Nada Yoga, Mantra, Kirtan & Fire Ceremony

Sunday 16th June 2024




Special guest Sn. Atmajyoti Saraswati from Italy, for the first time in Germany, together
Simone Düring

Dive into the blissful power of mantras and kirtan, uplifting hearts and consciousness with sacred chants and vibrations!
Find your Note and let it resonate!

Nada Yoga, a part of Laya Yoga, is the path of spiritual awakening through Sound. It’s a journey of self-discovery and growth through singing, sounds, breath, mantra frequencies, and chakras.

Closely connected to Mantra and Japa Yoga, it encompasses music and every aspect of sound and vibrational energies related to chakras. We’ll use sound as a tool to focus awareness, alter ordinary states of consciousness, and transcend into inner sound experience.

Delve into Nada Yoga techniques, revel in Kirtan, and discover your true Self in the form of Sound, Energetic Flow, leading to inner Ecstasy. It’s a path of Mantra, Bhakti, and Tantra Yoga – a swift, easy, and safe route to spiritual elevation and energy channel harmonization.

Kirtan, the chanting of mantras, can deeply regenerate physically and energetically. Through mantra vibrations, we harmonize our Being down to the cellular level.

Experience the beauty of Sacred Sound, the ecstatic surrender that cleanses the mind and opens hearts! 🎶🌌


15.00 – 17.00 Nada Yoga and Mantra class
17.30 – 19.30 kirtan & fire ceremony


Hainbuchenweg 14, 21224 Rosengarten 1 OG. 1 Tür rechts

Kirtan Animaolistica
Simone Düring

Atmajyoti Saraswati

Atmajyoti has trained through various seminars on Nada Yoga, Mantra, and Kirtan, following the Satyananda tradition.
Throughout the year, Animaolistica hosts enriching courses and vibrant kirtan sessions, both in-person and online and also around the world (in Brazil, Portugal, Germany, Italy, India, Slovenia. She spearheaded the creation of Back On Kirtan – Ananda Me group in Genoa, and has personally curated, produced, and launched a soulful kirtan CD “Kirtan sulla strada” (Kirtan on the road). 🎶
The proceeds from CD sales will go towards acquiring new musical instruments to enhance the group’s experience. Additionally, a portion of the funds will support the noble Ganga Learning Centre project in Varanasi, India. 🌟

Simone Düring

Mantra singing is singing from the heart. It is not about beautiful voices or perfect tones, but about surrendering to the mantra and experiencing the healing and connecting energy that arises when singing together. You are cordially invited to experience these special moments in the singing circle. I am Simone and it is my passion to create singing circles and sacred spaces. Inner spaces in which your soul space can open, your chakras can flow freely, your heart opens and your consciousness rises. I teach Kundalini Yoga and have been singing spiritual songs and mantras since I was a child. I use musical instruments and my voice to open a space for your heart to open and connect. Come to listen, sound, sing and meditate.

Jaya Ganesha Kirtan

Jaya Ganesha, Ganesha Deva, Om Ganapataye Namo Namah

Nada Yoga, Mantra & Kirtan



Contribution:  minimum offer 35€


Contribution: minimum offer 18€

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