Trattamenti Olistici

Give yourself a pampering, relax and regenerate yourself!


Through an Ayurvedic massage you can go both to work in depth to help relieve muscle tensions, and to regenerate the energy field and relax the mind.


The Holistic Ayurvedic Treatment is a personalized massage based on Ayurvedic knowledge, using cold-pressed organic base oils and essential oils.

Relaxing, Decontracting, it can bring benefits both physically and mentally, helping to improve anxiety, fatigue, stress.

Thanks to the solid Ayurvedic knowledge, the massage is personalized for each one because it is set according to its own characteristics and imbalance conditions.


How it works

It is based on the principles of Ayurveda, using oils, essential oils and different techniques for each, based on the Dosha (imbalance), trying to return to their own Prakriti (nature).

By integrating Ayurvedic techniques with Crystals, Stones, Hot Stone, Reiki, Marma Points and Shiatsu, the treatment is more complete and effective.

Decontracting, relaxing, energetic and rebalancing!


For everyone

Recommended for anyone, both the Holistic Ayurvedic and Tantric Massage.

The Holistic Ayurvedic Massage is more recommended for those who need to work both on the physical-muscular part and on the energetic one.

Massaggio Ayurvedico Olistico Mani

In a path of well-being and self-healing, other treatments can also be integrated,

such as tantric massage

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