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In a period like the one we are experiencing, people need support and help more than ever.

Some people are asking me for advice for various reasons: stress, anxiety, insomnia, physical and mental tension, unsatisfactory sex life, etc …

I decided, therefore, to make available my knowledge formed over years of experience and work experience both as a yoga teacher and as ayurvedic and tantric massage therapist.

I am available for holistic consultations (Yoga, Ayurveda, Tantric Massage, Ayurvedic Nutrition…)



The session lasts about 1h, during which there will be a moment of listening and discussion followed by personalized suggestions that can help you feel better under the psycho-physical aspect.

This path can assist the live-treatments (for those who have already received them and for those who want to start).



Sessions can be done through social channels such as Skype (atmajyoti74), Whatsapp or Jitsi where we can at least see each other, face to face, with a video call.

I can also consider phone sessions but I don’t recommend them unless you have a very poor network connection.



The consultations are to be considered suggestions for improving well-being and one’s self-healing ability and not “prescriptions”.

In any case, Animaolistica does not replace doctors and treating physician.



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