For several years we have wanted to experiment with tantric massage together, but everyday life with the inevitable alternation of moments of harmony and discord, and above all work commitments, have always kept us from doing it.
Now that we are finally retired, we have gathered our courage and the desire to embark on new experiences, to really afford it.
So we gave ourselves a personalized course, relying on the competence and sensitivity of Atma, which we had already appreciated in a day of introduction to the massage.
The new formula at home, with adaptations to the needs of our joints, has fully succeeded by going through gradual and repeated meditations, explanations and practical tests.

It is an experience lived with fluidity and intensity, which has allowed us to experience the techniques of a delicate and loving touch, which with the commitment of us attentive disciples and the safe guidance of the teacher, allows you to reactivate energy, revitalize the whole body and strengthen the relationship.

I would certainly recommend it to all couples, those who are at the beginning (to get to know each other better and harmonize) and those who have been together for the longest time (to dissolve habits and limiting mechanisms).
And I warmly recommend it to couples who are ahead of the years, to help each other rejuvenate internally, physically and in the psyche.

The possibility of continuing to make regular exchanges of the massages learned daily is a valuable tool that allows constant mutual listening, the rebalancing of the body’s functions, the improvement of the psychophysical health of each and the vital quality of the couple’s relationship.

Thanks Atma! Mariangela